Loaded with just about every feature you'll need

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Give your passengers a luxurious experience

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Manage driver(s) and facilitate driver's trip experience

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A user friendly and easy to use admin panel that does it all


Preloaded Airport / Airlines

Along with the comfort of making reservation via mobile, limocious also offers preloaded airport/airlines feature. It helps your passengers easily input the necessary airport or airline while they choose to select their pickup or drop.


Rate Calculation

Based on the distance of travel, type of vehicle chosen or time occupied by the passenger, our rate calculator offers a far accurate quote to the passengers.


Manage Address & Passenger Detail

Your passengers can modify and update their address, and other details just as conveniently as they would do on some social media App.


Passenger Detail with Geo location

Rapidly cutting down the need to call and confirm the exact location several times with a passenger who could be possibly busy or in a hurry.


Driver Tracking & Monitoring

Know the exact location of your driver(s), throughout the trip and and after.


Driver can Accept / Reject Trip

Limocious offers the driver the ability to accept or reject the trip as simply as one could do with a phone call. The reject feature also asks for a valid reason to let you know why a particular trip was not accepted.


Driver can View Passenger & Reservation Detail

The driver gets to see complete details of the reservation, passenger's info and special requests. This avoids any miscommunication and ensures a smooth experience to your passengers and a convenient tool for your driver(s).


Driver can Make Call to Passenger & Office

In case of any confusion or difficulties the driver can call the customer or to the office for any assistance or queries.


The Dashboard

First things first! A user friendly and convenient dashboard that is easy to understand and quick to use. See new reservations, accept or reject trips and manage everything in a few clicks.


Driver Tracking

Know where the driver is at that particular point of time. Know the exact location without the need to call.


Customized Price Calculations

Set your pricing based on the vehicle type, distance of the trip or the time taken for the trip. Limocious will take your pricing standard and quote the client based on requirements.


Reservation Details

Review the entire details of each reservation before you accept, reject or quote.